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Lost and Found

Don’t you hate it when you do something stupid? In my son Max’s case, this happened two weeks ago when he left his gym bag on the 26 Strassbahn. He didn’t realize his mistake until hours later. He asked me if there was a Lost and Found for the Wiener Lienen, Vienna’s world-class transportation system. I browsed the web to find out. Soon, I learned all about fundamt.gv.at, a web-based lost and found for the entire country.

H₂Oh No

Another year slipped by like a Northern Pike headed down the danube. A lot of things happened. Too many to review. Today I’ll write, again, about water. Vienna’s water supply is world famously clean. It comes straight from the Alps and doesn’t need any treatment at all. No chlorine, no filtration. You can read more about it in this offical Vienna water flyer. Yes, I read municipal water reports. Don’t judge.

Going Viral

Summer vacation was a three-part trip. First was Long Island to celebrate Marty’s 80th birthday. Second was Vermont to join Rosie and Zach’s wedding. Then Portugal, with #friends4life Schwartzberg clan. Coronavirus made it bumpy. The guest list for Marty’s birthday was shorter than planned. A particularly important guest, Alison, tested positive and spent the week feeling crappy, at the Stony Brook holiday Inn Express. It was a great party but not the same without her.