Mr. Grumpy Pants

Fitter, happier, more productive.

I’m an American expat living in Vienna with my wife and kids. I enjoy writing but I find it hard to express complicated thoughts, which are unlike words and constantly shifting. I prefer to focus on simple ideas, because they are easier to articulate. I can write about concrete things, like experiences, actions, or facts. It’s hard to write about opinions, values, or feelings.

Initially, I wrote short posts about our travels but lately I’ve been exploring other topics.

More about me as a person.

I try to be a supportive spouse, a committed father, and, at work, a reliable team member. It’s two steps forward and one step back across the board.

Family. I have two teenagers at the Vienna International School, and a lovely wife who loves to read and hates to cook.

Career. I’ve worked in software for almost 30 years. These days I focus on Kubernetes and OpenTelemetry and work for Dynatrace here in Vienna.

Hobbyies. I try to stay active. Enhoy hiking, walking, etc. I listen to late 90’s Beastie Boys-type things, Radiohead-type things, and Yacht Rock from the 70’s. I watch Louis C.K., Chris Rock, and Dave Chapelle-sorts of things. I’ve re-watched The Matrix at least twenty times, and enjoy any movie starring Tom Hanks.