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More than 20 Questions

Last week we took an American style road trip (🚙) through the Czech Republic. Originally we were thinking about Holland. Also Norway. But we procrastinated and airfares went up. So we decided to drive North. On the road 🔗Like other vacations, this one started by dropping Leo (🐶) at his second home - a beautiful kennel ranch outside of Linz. Here’s an aerial view: Nice place right? Leo agrees. He’s very waggy about it.

A Year Went By

I stopped writing over a year ago. Not sure why. Wasn’t feeling it. But today I’ll give you a short update. We’ve experienced some new things. We went skiing on a couple of glaciers. We bought a hyperactive dog named Leo. We visited friends and family in America and then went scuba diving in Costa Rica. In autumn we saw Belgium, then climbed up the Eiffel Tower. Then it was winter again.

Teamwork in Corfu

I learned some important things during our vacation in Corfu. Wasps don’t like smoke. Google maps can tell you to drive in circles. Jacques Cousteau invented scuba diving. The scuba diving bit was learned on this boat in the town of Nisaki, on Corfu’s northeast side. If you look closely you’ll see Chris, the owner of Apollo dive, sitting with my wife and kids. Chris and his wife Maria led us on five dives in total.