Going Viral

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Summer vacation was a three-part trip. First was Long Island to celebrate Marty’s 80th birthday. Second was Vermont to join Rosie and Zach’s wedding. Then Portugal, with #friends4life Schwartzberg clan.

world map

Coronavirus made it bumpy. The guest list for Marty’s birthday was shorter than planned. A particularly important guest, Alison, tested positive and spent the week feeling crappy, at the Stony Brook holiday Inn Express. It was a great party but not the same without her.

Marty’s big bash was located at the historic Setuaket Neighborhood House on a beautiful, rather humid, summer day.

marty’s party

At least we had Alison for a bit at her parent’s place before the symptoms appeared.

marty’s party

Vermont πŸ”—

Quarantine continued in Vermont at the Waybury Inn but Alison, with some other infected guests, joined the wedding from a safe distance outside. The wedding was lovely. Max was part of the groom’s party, and made friends with some boys his age. We saw our cousins, aunt / uncle, and friends we haven’t seen for a long time.


Things went back to normal, virus-wise, in time for a family boating trip on Lake Champlain. Thirty years ago, when I lived in Burlington, I never spent time on the lake. It’s huge. 200 km long, 20 km wide, with almost 1,000 km of shoreline that span New York, Vermont, and Quebec.

Champlain again

Portugal πŸ”—

In Portugal the virus returned. This time Jeremy and his daughter, Maya, suffered the fever and headaches. Then, later, Hena came down with it. We had a great time anyhow. We celebrated Alison’s 36th birthday in Porto, sailing on the Duoro river.


The year begins again πŸ”—

So that’s it. Summer is over. So far so good. The kids back at school, Alison and I on Zoom calls, the dog barking at deliveries, while the cats paw at him and hiss.

The year begins again