Week 2

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The basics are in place. Kids have beds and bed frames. We do too. Everyone has a place to put their clothes. There is a dining room table with some temporary folding chairs. A desk in Zoe’s room and some bedside tables.

The bathroom has a new washer & dryer wedged between the sink and shower. They are supposed to stack, but they don’t stack very well, and this works — at least for now.

Everything was bought on the cheap. Mostly at Ikea, but some Ikea knock-offs from Moeblix, a furniture store with a budget build-it-yourself section.

We have Internet and a television. Max’s xbox works as usual as does the Amazon echo.

Alison finally made her bean stew last night, but I didn’t build the table in time, so we grouped the folding chairs in a circle with bowls on our laps. We drank a Zipfer Lager — everyday Austrian beer.

There were a dozen problems along the way. Zoe’s wardrobe closet has a flipped shelf — the edge shows particle board rather than colored finish. Our bed has some stripped screws, and one that broke in half somehow. And my lower back is a total mess.

Time for a yogurt.